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Effetti biologici delle onde d'urto

Dec. 10, 2019


Shock wave is a special type of sound wave, which accelerates the wave by applying a high voltage within a few nanoseconds, the waveform changes, and then suddenly releases to generate huge energy. The extracorporeal shock wave device uses a hydroelectric, piezoelectric, or electromagnetic generator to generate a high-voltage, short-term, and broadband pulse sound wave. The direct mechanical shock effect of sound waves and the indirect mechanical effects of cavitation cause the human body. Tissue and cell changes to achieve therapeutic effects.

Main therapeutic effect

1. Induces microtrauma in local tissues, which stimulates the body to produce a healing response. The healing process causes angiogenesis and increases local nutrient supply, thereby stimulating the repair process and ultimately alleviating symptoms;

2. When the shock wave is conducted in human tissues, due to the large number of tiny air bubbles in the tissue, the bubbles rapidly expand under the action of the shock wave, which can accelerate the microcirculation of the tissue in the impacted area, open the closed microvessels and accelerate the capillary microcirculation , Increase the oxygen absorption function of cells, improve local tissue microcirculation, and ultimately achieve the purpose of promoting soft tissue healing;

3. The hyperalgesia of the nociceptors makes it impossible to transmit the subsequent centripetal impulses, thereby alleviating pain, or by directly inhibiting nerve endings, changing the frequency of nociceptors' acceptance of pain and the composition of surrounding chemical transmitters, etc. To the relief effect;

4. Enhance the expression levels of transforming growth factor, vascular endothelial growth factor, endothelial-type nitric oxide synthase, proliferating cell nuclear antigen, etc. related to vascular regeneration, thereby promoting the repair of locally diseased tendon cells.

In the field of orthopaedic sports medicine, shock wave therapy has been widely used in the treatment of tendon-bone lesions and tendonopathy in tennis elbow, Achilles tendinitis, Achilles tendinopathy, Achilles tendinopathy, calcified tendinitis, and other diseases. It used to be a headache for orthopaedic and sports trauma doctors.

The principle and process of shock wave treatment is different from traditional physiotherapy and local sealing. The treatment method is no longer the traditional thermal and magnetic principle. Its good tissue permeability is the guarantee of its curative effect. Patients are non-invasive during treatment, without skin trauma, without worrying about bleeding and infection, and without worrying about side effects of hormone drugs.

Precautions for shock wave treatment

1. Treatment cycle: Generally, the treatment is performed once a week, one week (7 days) is a cycle, and one treatment course is generally five times. The rest time is adjusted during the treatment cycle, and it can be performed on time and consistently.

2. During the treatment, due to the different pain tolerance of each person, some patients will experience pain, and the doctor will adjust the impact energy in time. Please inform your doctor about the pain during the treatment.

3. After the treatment, you can move on the same day and work without any impact. However, during the treatment cycle, minimize muscle strength and activity at the treatment site.

4. Within a few days after treatment, you may feel red hotness, swelling and discomfort in the impact area. This is because the local tissue is undergoing wound repair, which is a normal phenomenon. Apply ice pack topically within 1-2 days after treatment. The symptoms can disappear within a few days.

5. In the initial period after the end of a course of treatment, try to reduce the strength of the exercise or local injury as much as possible. Generally, you need to rest for 2 ~ 3 weeks, and use the treatment site to fully heal. Appropriate activities with local protective gear or intramuscular patching. At the same time, you can cooperate with the treatment to do some related functional training.

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