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Applicazione clinica dell’ onda d’ urto nel trattamento di riabilitazione

Dec. 24, 2019


Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) is non-invasive / minimally invasive, safe, effective / efficient, and shockwave physical therapy equipmenthas been widely used in clinical treatment areas such as osteomuscular diseases in recent years and has been used by users (rehabilitation, orthopedics, pain Etc.) and praise from the recipients.

ESWT indications

Main indications

Bone tissue diseases: delayed fracture healing and nonunion; early ischemic necrosis of the femoral head in adults; talar osteochondral damage;

Chronic trauma of soft tissue: myofasciitis (especially cord, induration); cervical and lumbar spine disease without spinal canal stenosis, nerve entrapment, spinal cord injury; biceps brachial tendonitis; calcified supraspinatitis ; Epicondylitis of the humerus; Epicondylitis of the humerus; Plantar fasciitis; Stop Achilles tendinitis.

Relative indication

Osteoarthritis; early talar ischemic necrosis; acromion bursitis; radial styloid stenosing tenosynovitis; precondylar bursitis; tibial tuberosity sacral chondritis; femoral trochanteric bursitis; meniscus injury; Injury of knee ligaments, periarthritis and shoulder tendon ligaments; soft tissue ulceration without serious infection; tendon contracture; scarring; popping hip; shingles and sequelae and muscle spasm.

Our department has carried out the scattered shock wave clinically for nearly 4 years. It is mainly used for: soft tissue injury (induration, cord, fibrosis) myofasciitis; terminal tendon disease; trauma-induced tendon, ligament shortening, scar contracture, joint functional activity Limit; skin and soft tissue wounds are not healed: severe pressure ulcers, incisions (wounds) are not healed, diabetic foot, etc.

Advantages of ESWT in the treatment of painful musculoskeletal diseases

The onset is fast and accurate, the maintenance time is relatively long, the treatment cycle is short, the cost is relatively saved, and the indications are wide.

Shock  Wave Physiotherapy Instrument

Shock Wave Physiotherapy Instrument

The relationship between ESWT and other physical factors

Can be used alone. Shorter duration, more limited lesions, and shock wave therapy advantages such as myofasciitis, stopping tendinopathy (inflammation), skin and soft tissue damage (pressure ulcers, diabetic foot, etc.). To good effect.

Conservative treatment such as physical therapy is not effective, or the patient is unwilling to undergo surgery.

Can be combined

For diseases with a longer course, more extensive injury sites, shock wave comparative advantages such as bone and cartilage damage, bursitis, tendon ligament contracture, obvious joint function limitation, neck and waist pain with nerve entrapment, shingles sequelae Pain, osteoarthritis, meniscus and ligament damage, nonunion (delayed healing), etc. should be combined with physical factors, exercise therapy, and drugs.

ESWT clinical application skills

Shock wave energy selection

When performing shockwave therapy, the key is to apply the right energy to the exact part. The use of appropriate energy and the selection of the exact location directly determine the effect of disease treatment. Too low energy is not effective for treatment, while too high energy may cause side effects and damage.

Divided by ESWT energy

Low energy and medium energy are mainly used to treat chronic damage of soft tissue, cartilage injury and superficial bone nonunion; high energy is mainly used to treat deep bone nonunion and delayed healing of fracture and femoral head ischemia Osteogenic disorders such as sexual necrosis.

Divided by ESWT wave source transmission method

Radial shock wave is mainly used to treat chronic soft tissue injury diseases and superficial bone and cartilage injury diseases; focused shock wave and horizontally focused shock wave are mainly used to treat nonunion, delayed healing of fractures, ischemic necrosis of femoral head, etc. Osteopathy and deep osteochondral injury; flat wave shock waves are mainly used to treat superficial chronic soft tissue injury diseases, wound ulcers and scars.

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