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How Much Do You Know About Laser Hair Removal?

Dec. 31, 2019


After the underarm hair is shaved, the spring breeze is blown again, the hair on the arms and legs is too dense, and the depilatory cream (wax paper) is not cleaned up completely ... Because the traditional hair removal method is not satisfactory, many beauty lovers have started to fight in major hospitals. Cosmetology department and major beauty institutions, learn about "armpit hair removal machine".

Laser hair removal machine is based on selective photothermal action, at specific wavelengths, pulse widths, and energy densities, and accurately and selectively thermally damages pigment targets, which are abundant in hair follicles and hair shafts. After melanin absorbs light energy, the temperature rises sharply, which causes the destruction of hair follicle tissue and removes hair.


Laser Hair Removal Machine

Laser hair removal diagnosis and treatment process is simple and fast-shave the outer hair of the diagnosis and treatment site before surgery to make it unable to absorb laser light; the laser light acts on the skin surface through a complex optical fiber transmission system, and the laser energy is selectively absorbed by melanin in the hair follicle , Converted into thermal energy to destroy the hair follicles, but does not cause damage to the surrounding skin. In general, laser hair removal is very safe, but Xiao'an still strongly recommends that you go to a regular plastic hospital and a cosmetic institution for consultation.

Laser hair removal is suitable for congenital or acquired, dark or light hair on almost all parts of children and adults. Anyone who wants permanent removal of hair can choose laser hair removal, but it is not effective for white hair. The most ideal target for laser hair removal is patients with lighter skin and darker pigmentation.

In theory, laser hair removal requires multiple treatments to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal. Generally, it needs to be treated once every 4 to 8 months. The effect of laser hair removal can be maintained for a long time. The use of modern laser technology can not only achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal or delay hair regeneration time, but also avoid and reduce the disadvantages of traditional hair removal technology. It has the best effect on people with white skin and heavy melanin. After the laser treatment, certain side effects may also occur, such as redness, swelling, pain, burns, pigment changes, folliculitis, and eye damage.

Does the darker skin tone affect the hair removal effect?

The probability of melanin precipitation caused by the absorption of laser energy by dark skin is higher than that of light skin. Don't worry too much about the pigmentation caused by beauty seekers who insist on hair removal. Generally, the pigments that have precipitated after one year Time can recover on its own.

Second, hair removal cannot be done with a single laser treatment.

Hair growth alternates in the four stages of dormancy, growth, maturity, and transition, while laser light only affects hair during the growth phase, so laser hair removal is generally performed once every 1-2 months. For complete hair removal, the entire course of treatment is 4-6 times.

In this way, hair removal will begin this winter, and it is expected that white skin will not be seen until next winter.

For many women's concerns that they will grow back after hair removal, the skin rejuvenation beauty machine supplier thinks it is unnecessary. Laser hair removal is to allow the melanin in the hair follicle to selectively absorb the laser to generate thermal effects and cause the hair follicle to die. This irreversible process can achieve permanent hair removal, but it is impossible to remove none of them, and the remaining small soft fluff still has of. It is important to note that sun protection is very important after laser hair removal. If you have any discomfort, you can choose ice.


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