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Does Laser Depilate have Side Effect?

Mar. 20, 2020


Everyone has hair, and some parts of the hair are what some people want, and some parts of the hair try to remove them. Only the times and races are different, the aesthetic standards are different. Currently, the safest and most effective hair removal method is laser hair removal. There is no one. So are there any side effects of medical laser hair removal machines? Medical laser hair removal machines supplier share with you:

First, there are the dangers of pigmentation

Many people will have light brown spots after laser hair removal. This is because the laser responds to the skin under skin irritation, and it is also related to personal constitution. In addition, after summer hair removal, the skin lacks hair cover, which Aggravated brown response, whether it is a regular large institution or a tertiary hospital is a common problem.

Therefore, the precipitation of medical laser pigments cannot be controlled, and sunscreen can only be used for defense.

Second, there is the danger of leaving scars

People with scar constitutions cannot do laser hair removal. We must be clear that if you continue to use the laser, and you do n’t pay attention to the local cleaning after the laser, bacterial infections, and the reasons for your constitution, most people will have scars. Laser hair removal technology in theory will not cause irreversible damage to normal tissues around the hair follicles. If you do not choose a regular hair removal mechanism, you will have burns to the skin, blisters, and post-operative repairs in selecting the temperature and operating method. Causes varying degrees of scarring. These cannot be done in selling instruments and ordinary beauty salons.

Medical Laser Hair Removal Machine

Medical Laser Hair Removal Machine

Third, there is the danger of leaving erythema

Laser hair removal will irradiate the skin with energy, and the laser mainly affects melanin in the hair follicles. Some people with an allergic constitution will experience transient skin redness with red spots in areas irradiated by laser light. This is because the skin has different feelings about the thermal effects of laser light, and it is generally advanced in large institutions Check for allergic constitution, and then recommend not to do laser hair removal, which is not available for equipment sales and ordinary beauty salons, to avoid the occurrence of this harm.

Four, Danger of crusting

We know that the laser energy is converted into light energy by heat, and there will be hazel spots after use, because heat also causes a certain degree of burns to the skin, and the thinner skin will be crusted. Do not tear it off forcibly. It falls off naturally; however, the use of short-wave lasers is less, but the effect of hair removal is much worse. If you are worried about crusting, you can choose short-wave lasers to remove, but the hair removal cycle will be longer.

Fifth, carefully choose the hair removal mechanism to avoid this harm

The several hazards we mentioned above are generally caused by ordinary beauty salons and specialized sellers using hair removal devices, so you must choose carefully and choose regular medical institutions and professional doctors to do hair removal, because regular Hair removal equipment in medical institutions is more advanced, doctors have more experience in lip hair removal, and can provide a safer hair removal experience. Although it is only a small laser treatment, it takes 5-7 times to completely remove hair, so only choosing a regular hospital and professional doctor can avoid these hazards.

Sixth, strengthen sun protection to avoid harm

In order to ensure the effect and avoid the danger of pigmentation, you should pay attention to sun protection in the two weeks before and six months after the epilation. It may take about a year and a half before and after the sun is removed. Sunscreen and sun protection clothing are your best partners. . At the same time, it is also necessary to prevent ultraviolet rays from fluorescent lamps.

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