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Does Laser Depilation Affect Pregnant Women?

Mar. 31, 2020


Laser hair removal uses lasers to remove hair. There will be radiation during the operation, which is not harmful to the human body and will not have any effect on pregnancy. However, it is best for pregnant women not to perform laser hair removal. Although this radiation has small side effects, it may affect the fetus. Choose other hair removal methods during pregnancy. If you have laser hair removal, take care.

Laser hair removal machine has no effect on pregnancy. This method destroys the hair follicle tissue through the action of light and heat, which can effectively make the hair lose the ability to regenerate and achieve the effect of hair removal. It is harmless, so it has no effect on pregnancy.

Can laser hair removal be performed during pregnancy?

1 Women are all beautiful, and they want to find ways to remove hair. There are many ways to remove hair, and some pregnant women will choose laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is the use of lasers to remove hair. Generally speaking, side effects are relatively small, but some women may be exposed to radiation during pregnancy.

2 If a woman wants to do laser hair removal during pregnancy, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital, because the doctor will take protective measures for the woman. In private hospitals, unqualified doctors may not let women wear anti-radiation clothing for laser hair removal. After laser hair removal, women may have allergic reactions, which may cause skin itching, etc., which may cause unhealthy body and affect fetal development.

3 It is recommended that women still do not perform laser hair removal during pregnancy. After all, if the laser device affects the fetus, it is worth the loss. Pregnant women can remove excess body hair by shaving with a razor. You can also wait until the postpartum body recovers, and then do laser hair removal. This method is more scientific and reasonable. Pregnant women should look at their body hair properly and don't pay too much attention.

Painless Hair Removal Machine

Painless Hair Removal Machine

Are there any side effects of laser hair removal?

First, the painless hair removal machine is suitable for people with lighter skin but darker hair. If your skin is darker, the laser will destroy the skin pigment and cause the formation of dark spots or white spots. , But generally can return to normal in a few months. Therefore, you should choose a regular plastic surgery hospital and an experienced physician before performing laser hair removal.

Second, during laser hair removal, a small number of patients may experience temporary redness, slight swelling, or mild itching of the skin. These are normal reactions and can return to normal within a few hours after surgery.

Laser hair removal is very safe during operation, and it is not harmful to the human body. However, radiation will be generated during the operation, which may affect the fetus. If laser hair removal is performed during pregnancy, it is best to find a regular hospital for radiation protection.

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