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Otto cose sulla terapia a onde d'urto

Dec. 17, 2019


Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) is non-invasive / minimally invasive, safe, effective / efficient, and has been widely used in clinical treatment areas such as osteomuscular diseases in recent years and has been used by users (rehabilitation, orthopedics, pain Etc.) and praise from the recipients.

First, non-invasive

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy for muscles pain can be used to treat chronic pain and discomfort in musculoskeletal diseases. Using the principle of energy conversion and transmission into the human body, it can relieve pain, remove neurogenic inflammation, activate blood, and regenerate tissue.

Second, risk-free

Shockwave therapy does not require surgery, which means that there is no chance of infection, the risk of tendon rupture is very small, and no medication is necessary. This is a good method to consider, and more and more doctors are using it as the first choice for pain management treatment.

Third, it can not only treat tendons

Shockwave therapy equipment is not only used to treat tendon pain. Clinical certifications have shown that it can also help treat other diseases, from delayed healing of fractures to help with chronic shoulder pain (calcified tendinitis of the shoulders) and hips outside the hip Joint bursitis is also very effective.

Fourth, no time-consuming

It usually takes 4 courses. The course lasts only 15 minutes. After the treatment, you can start your daily work again. Rehabilitation exercises can be carried out between treatments, subject to doctor's order. Instructing patients for home training is also listed as important in SPT Swiss shockwave pain management.

Fifth, more than one choice

Focused extracorporeal shock waves are often used to treat targeted deep root pain, especially for joint-related problems. Focused extracorporeal shock waves penetrate deeper than diffuse extracorporeal shock waves.

Clinically, it has been shown that diffuse extracorporeal shock waves can solve 90% of the problems and can be used to compare the soft tissues / tendons of the surface. This treatment can help osteoarthritis and bone healing, such as delayed non-union fractures. This process works the same way as the focusing method. The penetration depth of the diffuse extracorporeal shock wave is not as deep as that of the focused extracorporeal shock wave therapy, so it can be considered for shallower situations.

Shockwave Therapy Equipment

Shockwave Therapy Equipment

Sixth, it is widely used by athletes

Many of the best sports teams in the world, including AC Milan Football Club and its research centre, have researched and used portable shockwave therapy as a way to keep their athletes at peak.

Seven, shockwave therapy in Switzerland follows evidence-based medicine

European countries have generally recognized, for example, NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Optimization) has reviewed extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESTW) and approved it for the treatment of six diseases. The equipment used for shock wave therapy is available in many databases around the world, such as PEDro. 80% of the randomized controlled studies conducted were performed using Swiss EMS DolorClast treatment equipment.

Eight, not as you think

The cost of a single treatment in the country will vary according to different provinces, and even some provinces' hospitals have included treatment into their medical insurance charges. Will you pay a reasonable price for getting rid of the pain?

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