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Application of Extracorporeal Shock Wave in the Treatment of Osteoarthritis (Part 1)

Apr. 16, 2020


Overview of osteoarthritis:

In recent years, with the changes in people's lifestyles, the incidence of senile osteoarthritis has increased year by year, which has seriously affected people's daily lives. With the acceleration of the aging population, the prevalence of osteoarthritis is accelerating. The prevalence rate of people over 60 years old can reach 50%, and 80% of people over 75 years old. OA is the No. 2 killer that causes men over the age of 50 to lose work ability-second only to cardiovascular disease.

Osteoarthritis is a chronic, degenerative disease that mainly affects weight-bearing joints, and is more common in middle-aged and elderly women. As the OA disease progresses, patients undergoing general treatment (such as rehabilitation treatment and weight loss, etc.) and medical treatment (such as oral and joint cavity injections, etc.) cannot relieve pain, which seriously affects the function of the limbs. treatment. Improving the symptoms of OA patients and delaying OA degeneration is a research hotspot in the field of OA treatment.

If you have the following symptoms, unfortunately tell you that you may or have been suffering from osteoarthritis. Feeling sore and uncomfortable in the knee when sitting upright, the symptoms disappeared when walking, which is an early manifestation. Over time, the disease will develop activities that cannot relieve the pain, and it is difficult to go up and down the stairs or squat and stand up. You need to support your hand on the knee. After going more, the knee joint was swollen or severely swollen, and some yellowish liquid could be drawn. The synovium and the joint capsule are thickened due to lesions, and there will be noise when moving. If there is free body formation in the joint, it can affect joint movement. From time to time, there is a "joint hinge" phenomenon, and even knee joint deformities have occurred.

How should the majority of patients choose when faced with osteoarthritis! Is it simply a few plasters to "self-deceive", or oral pain medicines "cope with things" sad and hurt the stomach, even in the late stage of knee arthritis Do not suffer huge mental and physical pain, and undergo joint replacement surgery. See what we should do here to save our poor joints!

 Pneumatic Shockwave Machine

Pneumatic Shockwave Machine

Shockwave therapy is undoubtedly an excellent treatment method. As a non-invasive non-surgical treatment method, it brings the gospel to the majority of patients. If the prevention and treatment of such diseases are not timely, it will seriously affect people's ability to work and The quality of life and the extremely high cost of medical care increase the financial burden on society and families.

The traditional treatment basically stays in palliative analgesia and surgical treatment. It is still effective for those with a short course of disease, but it is ineffective for conservative treatment for patients with severe illness and a long course of disease. Surgical treatment patients must bear expensive costs, and the surgical trauma is large, with more complications. We also have to face the huge risks brought by the failure of surgery, which makes us prohibitive of surgical treatment.

Pneumatic shockwave machine has obvious advantages compared with traditional methods, precise targeting, less pain, less trauma, lower cost and good effect. The shock wave treatment team led by Professor Xing Gengyan has applied extracorporeal shock wave therapy to treat tendon end disease for more than 20 years. Femoral head necrosis and osteoarthritis patients have achieved satisfactory results. Necrosis, osteoarthritis, a world problem, is constantly being studied, and innovative combination of extracorporeal shock wave therapy is applied to other therapies, so that the healing effect of femoral head necrosis and osteoarthritis has reached domestic and international levels, and practice has proved to be an effective Feasible treatment. Previous studies have shown that ESWT has the effects of suppressing pain and delaying cartilage degeneration. Shockwave therapy for knee pain is used for clinical treatment for the first time through a large number of clinical studies. It has the advantages of non-invasive, easy for patients to accept and no need for hospitalization. ESWT provides a new method for the clinical treatment of KOA.


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