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Guida di selezione degli epilatori ottici

Nov. 19, 2019


Under normal circumstances, we will choose to use a blade, hair removal cream, beeswax, etc. for hair removal, but the drawback of these methods is that the maintenance time is relatively short. Is there any way to achieve long-term hair removal without harming the skin? Of course, the home optical hair removal device is a good choice.

However, before using it, you have to know the following questions. Let laser epilation Machine manufacturer tell you.

The household hair removal device is divided into two types of laser and color light (IPL strong pulse light), but the wavelength of the color light is lower than that of the laser, so the laser effect is better. In general, in the first 7-8 weeks, the hair should be taken off once a week (different methods for different products, please follow the instructions). When using the instrument for a long time, the safety of the laser is greater than that of colored light. However, most of the hair removal devices on the market use colored light.

According to the US FDA standards, hair does not grow significantly over a long period of time (4-5 years) and is permanently depilated. So can the home optical hair removal device be able to achieve "permanent hair removal"? The answer is no. Since the hair removal technology was introduced from abroad, Permanent Hair Removal is a “permanent hair removal”, but the durability of the home hair removal device is far less than the instrument used by hospital institutions. If you want to "permanent hair", you can go to a regular hospital to receive multiple treatments of permanent hair removal machine.

The working principle of optical hair removal determines that not all body parts are suitable for use, and not everyone is suitable:

Faces should choose a special instrument, otherwise it will cause skin damage.

There is no place for wounds or acne.

For those with darker skin, I also recommend that you do not try laser/color light removal easily, because darker skin will absorb more light and increase the possibility of burns.

Care should be taken to avoid exposure to light on the tattoo, otherwise it may cause changes in the pattern and severely wash away the tattoo.

It is not advisable to use a household laser/color light hair removal device for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, skin sensitive patients, etc.

Laser Hair Removal Machine

Laser Hair Removal Machine

Look at the five-point selection hair removal device

1. FDA-certified hair removal device is safer

The US FDA is the international medical audit authority, authorized by the US Congress, specializing in the highest law enforcement agencies for food and drug management. The home laser hair removal machine certified by it has more quality assurance.

2, spectrum

The longer the spectrum, the safer it is for darker skin, and the ability to penetrate the skin is stronger, making it easier to destroy the hair follicle. A laser with a wavelength of 810 nm has a better effect on removing rough hair, and it is necessary to select a laser of 500 nm or more.

3, light intensity

The product description will indicate how many joules per square centimeter of light intensity, which is an important indicator for judging the effect of hair removal. At least 5J/cm2 is required to destroy the hair follicles to prevent re-growth in the short term.

4, the area of the lamp head

The size of the lamp head determines the light exit area, and the larger the lamp head area, the more convenient it is to use.

5, the number of times

The number of times of illumination determines the service life, and the greater the illumination intensity, the less the number of illuminations.

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