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How Can We Achieve Effective Hair Removal?

Sep. 11, 2020


In order to reduce the hair, hair removal cream or knife scraping is often used for hair removal. Although the effect is fast, the disadvantages are also great. The pores become larger and the hair grows faster. How can we achieve effective hair removal? Medical laser hair removal machines help you.

What is laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the absorption of melanin in hair follicles by laser light of a specific wavelength. The hair follicles are coagulated and destroyed by heat, so that they can no longer provide nutrition for hair growth, and the hair loses activity and falls off, thus achieving the purpose of hair removal.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal in medicine, but it generally requires 3-5 treatments, because hair growth has to go through the growth period, decay period, and cessation period. Laser hair removal is 75% effective for hair in the growth period, and 25 % Is effective, but almost ineffective during the resting period. The laser can only work after the hair is turned into the growth phase. Therefore, laser hair removal requires multiple times to have a significant effect.

Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

Precautions for laser hair removal

1. Before the operation, you should carefully ask about the past medical history of the beauty seeker, and fully communicate with the beauty seeker. People with contraindications to laser hair removal cannot operate;

2. Do not expose to the sun for at least one month before hair removal. Not only sunburn, tanning should also be avoided;

3. Before operation, shave the hair of the operation part and clean the part to remove grease and dirt;

4. According to different patients, different skin properties and pain tolerance, select appropriate operating parameters;

5. During operation, proper eye protection should be done, including those seeking beauty, operators and observers in the operating room;

6. After the operation is completed, apply a cold compress to the operation site immediately for 15 to 30 minutes, which can reduce or reduce the discomfort after the operation;

7. Don't use other methods to remove hair during laser hair removal (shaver, hair removal cream), it may cause inflammation and cause coloration.

Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

Postoperative care of professional laser hair removal machine

1. There will be slight redness in the hair removal area after the operation, and there will be a sensation of local hot stabbing. Cooling measures can be taken, and ice can be used for continuous ice compress;

2. The hair removal area should be protected from sunscreen, moisturizing, and moisturizing to reduce the incidence of pigmentation or hypopigmentation and speed up skin repair;

3. Because laser hair removal only affects the hair during the growth period, and does not work on the hair follicles in the resting and degenerative phases, laser hair removal requires multiple operations, and each operation requires an interval of about 1 month.

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