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How does Shockwave Therapy Work?

Sep. 22, 2020


Shockwave therapy is a treatment method in which an applicator is used to direct a radial "shock wave" to the area of the body to be treated. In recent years, a great deal of scientific research has been done on shockwave therapy. The analysis of published studies provides a wealth of evidence confirming the advantages of shockwave therapy and suggests that many patients can benefit from treatment.

How does Shockwave Therapy Work?

Once the physiotherapist has determined the source of the discomfort and shockwave therapy is the correct treatment to use, some gel can be applied to the pain site. Then use the shockwave therapy equipment. The nose contains a fast-moving projectile controlled by a compressor. The projectile transmits energy to an applicator to create a radial shock wave, which then diffuses and is absorbed by the body. The wave frequency and pressure can be adjusted.

Shock wave generation and excessive stimulation of pain sensors to relieve pain. The body itself regenerates the affected tissues, resulting in the following effects:

  • Improve blood flow and new blood vessels

  • Increased growth factors

  • More mesenchymal stem cells

  • Stimulates metabolism

Shockwave therapy can also reduce calcification and fibrosis. The technique used in shock wave therapy comes from a kidney stone crusher. The treatment is short-term, but the patient may feel a little sensitive. The advantage is that the treatment only lasts about 8 to 10 minutes. During practice and/or exercises performed by patients at home, shockwave therapy is always combined with training, manual therapy or other physical therapy techniques.

Shockwave Therapy Equipment

Shockwave Therapy Equipment

What diseases has Shockwave therapy successfully treated?

Shockwave therapy is a good way to treat various discomforts. We divide diseases into five categories:


  • The most common tendon complaints that can be treated are Achilles tendon pain, bone tendon, supraspinatus, and lateral (tennis) elbow.


  • The most common bone pathologies are medial tibial pressure syndrome (tibia splint) and trochanter pain syndrome.

Nervous system disease

  • It is recognized that, whether in adults with hemiplegia or children with cerebral palsy, radial shock wave therapy can successfully treat muscle spasms.


  • Treat trigger points, muscle pain, and hyperosmolarity.

Connective tissue

  • The known application of shock wave therapy is plantar fasciopathy, which triggers fingers and scar tissue.

Shockwave Therapy Equipment

Shockwave Therapy Equipment

Benefits of shockwave Therapy for Patients

Shockwave therapy has many benefits for patients who often suffer from chronic discomfort for years. It provides a good and realistic alternative to painkillers and (major) surgery because it is less invasive, less stressful, and focuses more on the body's self-healing quality. The benefits of shockwave therapy include:

  • A realistic alternative to surgery or medicine

  • Treat the cause, not the symptom

  • Success rate: 80%

  • On average, six to eight treatments are needed

  • Quick treatment per session (8-10 minutes)

  • Side effects are limited, with only a slight risk of redness or swelling

  • The pain usually relieves and returns after a few days

  • A reliable and scientifically proven form of treatment that can be used for many diseases

Shockwave therapy is evolving and is still evolving. It is already the most adequately researched and validated treatment, and it will become more effective and provide solutions for more and more patients in the near future. Do you want to introduce shockwave therapy into your practice? Or take shockwave therapy to a new level? Portable Shockwave Therapy Supplier is happy to discuss options with you. Send us an email.

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