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How to Eat for Weight Loss?

Jul. 29, 2020


In the process of weight loss, diet is a big science. Weight Loss Slimming Machine manufacturer teaches you how to eat correctly to aid weight loss.

Drink soup before meals

Don’t rush to move your chopsticks when you sit at the dining table. Let’s drink a bowl of soup first~ Soup can make you feel full before you start eating, so you can naturally eat less during dinner~


Light vegetable soup is preferred

Choose this bowl of soup before meals carefully. Soups with higher fat content, such as broth, fish soup, or creamy soup, should not be underestimated in calories, but will make you fatter. To achieve the purpose of controlling food intake and calories, it is best to drink vegetable soup with lower calories and less oil, such as winter melon soup and tomato soup.


Don't make the soup too hot

Many people prefer hot soup, especially in winter, always feel that the soup must be hot to enjoy. However, your esophagus can only withstand a temperature of 50-60°C. If you always drink hot soup, your risk of esophageal cancer will gradually increase during repeated scalding.


Eat food first

What food you eat first after the meal also affects your weight loss results. If you want to better control your mouth, start eating from vegetables rich in dietary fiber. It can provide you with a stronger feeling of fullness and low calories. It is a well-deserved good helper for weight loss.

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Dark vegetables account for half

The slimming machine supplier recommends that 300-500 grams of vegetables should be consumed per day, of which dark vegetables should account for half. Because dark-colored vegetables tend to be more nutritious than light-colored vegetables, they are rich in calcium, iron, vitamin B2, and β-carotene.


Eat at least 5 kinds of vegetables every day

There are hundreds of varieties of vegetables, each of which contains different nutrients. Therefore, it is not a healthy diet to pet a "dish" alone. The Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that everyone eat at least 5 kinds of vegetables per day. , Leafy vegetables, solanum fruit, fungus and algae, fresh beans...a variety of collocation to eat in order to take in more comprehensive nutrition.


Eat less staple food if you eat staple vegetables

Although the calories of vegetables are lower overall, it doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want. Potatoes, lotus roots, yams, etc. contain more carbohydrates and are called "staple vegetables." If you want to control the intake of carbohydrates and calories during weight loss, you should eat less staple foods after eating these vegetables.


Eat meat later

The weight-loss diet emphasizes the combination of meat and vegetables, so of course you should eat some meat after eating vegetables. The protein in meat has larger molecules and slower digestion, which can make you eat more full and feel more satisfied.


Meat can't be less

Meat contains many nutrients necessary for weight loss. For example, protein can promote muscle repair and growth, achieve the purpose of improving basal metabolic rate and increasing daily calorie consumption; B vitamins, iron, and zinc are all metabolized by the human body and cannot be consumed when fat is consumed. Or lack of nutrition. Eating 40-75 grams of poultry, livestock and aquatic products each day can ensure adequate intake of these nutrients.


Prefer low-fat meat

Although meat is important, if you want to better control calories when you lose weight, such as fat beef, ribs, pork belly and other high-fat meats, you should not eat it. High-protein and low-fat meats such as chicken breast, tenderloin, and beef tendon are your best choices.


Light cooking is the best

Since meat with low fat content is chosen, for health, cooking should not be too heavy. Adding too much oil and sugar when cooking will only increase the calories of the dishes. Blindly using a lot of salt and chili to enhance the taste will stimulate the appetite more easily and make people appetite.

So you'd better use steaming and boiling, and pay attention to reducing the amount of oil when frying and frying meat. As for the seasoning, it is better to choose black pepper, green onion, ginger, garlic and other natural spices with low calories and good flavor.

Last staple food

After eating vegetables and meat, you have already gained a certain sense of fullness. If you eat staple foods, it will not be easy to overeat, which will help control calories and blood sugar levels after meals and prevent obesity.


Staple food is more than rice and pasta

The staple food is not only rice, noodles, you can actually add whole grains to the recipe to make multi-grain rice, purple potato rice, etc. Compared with refined rice noodles, coarse grains are richer in dietary fiber, protein, B vitamins and other nutrients, allowing you to eat full and nutritiously while slowing the increase in blood sugar after a meal and reducing the probability of getting fat.


Don't take leftovers to make rice in soup

Many people like to use the leftover soup base for bibimbap when eating, and find it more flavorful. However, the soup base often contains more fat and salt. On the one hand, it has higher calories. On the other hand, the saltiness may stimulate the taste buds and increase your appetite.

Moreover, when the rice is soaked in soup, the rice has been soaked and softened initially, and people often no longer chew carefully. However, without the step of adequate chewing, it is difficult for the central nervous system to get the corresponding stimulation, which will affect the brain's perception of fullness, and it is easy for people to eat more food, which naturally leads to excessive calories.

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