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Non-Invasive Shock Wave Treatment

Feb. 06, 2020


Shockwave therapy supplier shares with you: Bed sores are not only a tragedy for patients and families, but also a heavy burden in medical care. How can you reduce the tedious dressing change? Reduce patient pain? What about speeding up the rapid healing of bedsores?

Decubitus ulcer refers to tissue ulceration and necrosis due to long-term compression of local tissue, and continuous ischemia, hypoxia and malnutrition.

Common causes:

Stress factor

Vertical pressure, friction, and shear force cause local skin and capillaries to be compressed, impair blood circulation, and impregnated with sweat, urine, and feces.

2. Nutritional status

Lack of systemic nutrition, muscle atrophy, and lack of protection in the stressed area, such as chronic fever and cachexia, can produce pressure ulcers.

3. Reduced skin resistance

The skin is often subjected to physical irritation such as moisture and friction, which reduces the skin's resistance and easily forms pressure ulcers.

What is shock wave medicine

Extracorporeal shock wave is a pressure wave, a new type of physical therapy method, which is between conservative and surgical therapy. It is a safe, reliable and less painful treatment method, especially in the treatment of some chronic soft tissue injury pain diseases. Compared with traditional surgical methods, it has many advantages such as fast onset, non-invasiveness, and fewer side effects. It is a new type of treatment with the safety, non-invasiveness and conservative effect of conservative treatment.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy principle:

Shock wave is a kind of physical wave. It is a discontinuous wave with shock force. This wave is characterized by strong explosive force and large penetrating force, and it can spread evenly in the same medium. It is also used for the treatment of soft tissue injuries.

The shock wave will spread evenly in the same tissue, but in these tissues where the lesions are adhered, the propagation will be blocked, which will cause collisions in different directions, resulting in a strong energy release. Passive peeling of adherent soft tissues, releases damaged soft tissues from the outside, and liberates the compressed cutaneous nerve.

Features of shock wave treatment

☑ Elimination of unnecessary surgery;The curative effect is exact, and the cure rate is 80-90%;

☑ Non-invasive and non-invasive;

☑ Does not damage normal tissues, and only works on diseased cells, especially necrotic cells

☑ Does not require hospitalization and does not affect normal life.

During the treatment, some patients will have slight pain, especially the pain at the lesion area will be more obvious, but they can all be tolerated. Communicate with the therapist during this process for energy regulation.

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