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Portable RF Thermage FLX Anti-aging Machine

Aug. 13, 2020


RF Thermage FLX Anti-aging Machine is a safe and non-wound treatment method. It has been clinically proven to tighten and shape the skin. Its unique deep heating technology can stimulate the skin to regenerate new collagen, making your skin healthier, better skin texture and improving the contours of your face.

For sagging and wrinkled skin, a patented treatment probe is used to transmit high-energy and high-frequency radio waves to the skin layer, with collagen contraction effect, resulting in an immediate skin firming effect, and stimulating collagen in the new skin. In order to achieve long-lasting skin lifting and firming effect!

 Thermagic Flx

 Thermagic Flx

Thermagic Flx has a more obvious feature between the other two beauty items that it can be used for eye care. Therefore, there are many combinations of "ultrasonic knife + heat Maggie eye" on the market to improve the aging problem of the whole face. Hot Maggie is recommended in the following situations:

1. Sagging or drooping of the eyes;

2. The face is thin and wants to tighten and resist aging;

2. There are anti-aging needs, but usually work is busy and does not have too much time for medical treatment;

3. Not very sensitive to pain, and want a more ideal single-shot effect.

The specific choice depends on the actual situation and needs of the individual's skin.

Precautions after treatment:

1. Do not apply ice immediately after treatment;

2. Regular sun protection, avoid staying up late;

3. The moisturizing and hydrating facial mask can be applied once a day for the first 3 days after treatment;

4. Avoid sweating and steaming within one week after treatment to avoid excessive moisture loss and dry skin;

5. Do not perform facial massage or use other household radio frequency devices within one month, so as to avoid improper operation techniques affecting the post-treatment effect.


1. Thermage is suitable for sagging and sagging facial skin tissues, excessive wrinkles, aging and rough skin, reshaping the facial curve, and effectively improving the sagging and sagging eye area and neck tissue.

2. Usually within 3 to 6 months after receiving Thermomaggi treatment, after waiting for the production of new collagen, it will have the effect of tightening the skin or refining facial lines and reducing wrinkles. Some people can see the effect faster.

Finally, I remind everyone that because everyone’s specific situation is different and the suitable projects are also different, so you must not take it for granted. Before doing the project, you must consult a reliable doctor to determine which one to do.

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