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Principio, meccanismo e effetto medico dello strumento di trattamento del dolore delle onde d'urto

Dec. 03, 2019


Extracorporeal shock wave pain treatment system is called shock wave pain therapy instrument for short. It is a kind of physical therapy equipment that can accurately produce shock wave and pass the head medium into the patient's body. The clinical application of this technology has opened the history of rehabilitation physiotherapy. The era of treatment]. Compared with traditional acupuncture, acupuncture, minimally invasive and other invasive treatments, shockwave pain relief machine technology is not only non-invasive treatment, but also with its refined dose adjustment range, diversity of treatment methods, and unlimited treatment locations. The most rapid, safe and effective pain treatment technology for physical rehabilitation therapy equipment. For example, [Shock Acupuncture Technology] replaces the traditional acupuncture technology and has a better and more comprehensive effect.

Pain treatment has entered a non-invasive mode, are you ready as a doctor? Shock wave technology has become an indispensable device for orthopedics, pain, and rehabilitation departments in various hospitals. The following physical therapy apparatus supplier explain the methods of shock wave pain treatment technology.

Shockwave pain therapy instrument principle

Shockwave pain therapy instrument is a kind of mechanical pulse pressure wave transmitted through the physical mechanism medium (air or gas). Pain that occurs more widely in human tissues produces a good therapeutic effect. At present, a large number of medical literatures have been reported on the treatment of shock waves in clinic, and the safety and effectiveness of this treatment have been confirmed.

Shock Wave Physiotherapy Instrument

Shock Wave Physiotherapy Instrument

Mechanism of shock wave pain therapy instrument for treating pain and promoting tissue recovery

The shock wave generated by the shock wave pain treatment instrument can change the chemical environment of the injured area, so that tissues can produce and release chemicals that inhibit pain. At the same time, the shock wave can destroy the cell membrane of pain receptors, inhibit the generation and transmission of pain signals. In addition, the shock wave It leads to the production of endorphins and reduces the sensitivity of the affected area to pain. The above-mentioned several mechanisms target the synthetic effect of the injured patient, which can achieve a long-term effective treatment effect on the patient's pain. By improving the metabolism of the treated area and reducing the inflammatory response in the affected area, shock wave treatment also promotes tissue recovery at the same time. The mechanism includes releasing calcium deposits in the affected area, reducing edema and increasing the mechanical load of the tissue.

Medical effect of shockwave therapy medical equipment

Acoustic boundary energy release, cavitation, increase cell wall permeability, stimulate microcirculation (blood, lymph), release substance P, reduce nonmyelinated nerves, release nitric oxide (vasodilation, increased cell metabolism, angiogenesis , Anti-inflammatory effect), antibacterial effect, stimulation of growth factors (vascular, bone, collagen regeneration), stimulation of stem cells.

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