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What Method Should Use to Depilate? (On)

Feb. 26, 2020


I believe that many girls have been plagued by armpit hair when they first developed. Almost all hair removal methods have 1-3 weeks to pay special attention to sun protection. Therefore, the Permanent hair removal machine supplier believes that Winter is the best season for hair removal.

Pros and cons of traditional hair removal methods: When it comes to school days when there is no budget, we usually consider traditional hair removal with lower budgets, such as hair removal creams and blades. At that time, they had not analyzed their advantages and disadvantages, but only felt that the hair became thicker and thicker.

● 1 Hair Removal Cream

Apply the depilatory cream to the skin for a few minutes, and gently scrape it with a plastic plate. But are you wondering why the smell of hair removal cream always smells a little pungent?

* Cons of Hair Removal Cream-Allergic

The thioglycolic acid contained in the hair removal cream targets keratin in the hair, destroys the structure of the hair, and allows the hair to be easily removed.

In general, a patch test must be performed before use, because the skin surface also contains keratin. If you use it directly without testing, people with sensitive skin may have an allergic reaction.

  * Precautions for depilatory creams: Before using depilatory creams, test them on a small area and do not leave them on the skin for too long. Hair removal creams are not suitable for regular use and can cause skin damage.

● 2 Shaver

Shaving hair removal is probably the method that every girl has tried. The advantage is simple and rough. After applying foam, you can quickly remove hair with a blade.

  * Disadvantages of shavers-hair grows

Shaving with a razor blade may result in endogenous hair, that is, the shaved hair may curl during growth and cannot be grown in the cuticle. And there is a possibility of secondary infection, which is a type of folliculitis we often say. In addition, the shaving effect is shorter. Because only the part of the hair that grows out of the skin is shaved, the hair roots are not affected, so it can only be maintained for 1 to 3 days, and the new hair will grow again. The girl with strong hair is either shaving her eyebrows or shaving her eyebrows.

  * Cautions for shavers

After all, using a blade to remove hair directly is still a relatively dangerous operation. For hygiene, use disposable blades as much as possible, or change blades frequently to avoid infection. Make sure that the blade is sharp, and the passivated blade is easier to scratch; before moisturizing, slightly moisturize the skin, with the shaving foam, straighten the skin and shave along the direction of hair growth.

● 3 Wax Hair Removal

The first time I tried waxing hair was at the benefit counter. Their signature was waxing eyebrows, which was a pain.

After our investigation, everyone who tried it said that beeswax hair removal is really painful and the durability is not very long.

  * Wax Hair Removal Disadvantages-Pain, Easy Burns

Usually waxing hair will be relatively clean, but it must be noted that there must be stubble for wax to be wrapped and wrapped, in order to be waxed, and people who shave clean cannot do waxing. Hair removal is more painful. Once the wax temperature is too high, it may be burned, and the process of violent avulsion may damage the skin barrier and induce skin inflammation.

  * Notes on waxing hair

  It is still recommended that beeswax hair removal be performed in a more professional place, which will reduce the probability of injury. There are also common depilatory wax papers on the market. Pay attention to test sensitivity before use.

The laser hair removal machine is a new method of hair removal, which is a more scientific and effective method. Since the establishment of our company, we have insisted on the development, production and sales of high-tech beauty equipment, and have followed the road of technological innovation and development. The company has set up a strong design and research and development department to launch new high-tech products that meet market needs.

Laser Hair Removal Machine

Laser Hair Removal Machine

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