• Hyperbaric Beauty Oxygen Face Machine /Oxygen Inietture Ce Approvato

  • Hyperbaric Beauty Oxygen Face Machine /Oxygen Inietture Ce Approvato

  • Hyperbaric Beauty Oxygen Face Machine /Oxygen Inietture Ce Approvato

  • Hyperbaric Beauty Oxygen Face Machine /Oxygen Inietture Ce Approvato

  • Hyperbaric Beauty Oxygen Face Machine /Oxygen Inietture Ce Approvato

Hyperbaric Beauty Oxygen Face Machine /Oxygen Inietture Ce Approvato

Descrizione del prodotto

Descrizione del prodotto


Cos'è Oxygen Jet Peel Machine e come funziona?

98% della pelle è costituito da collagene.Piu 'anziani siamo, meno ossigeno porta il nostro sangue, che non riesce a generare collagene.Nel frattempo, l'umidità della pelle perde molto e il metabolismo dell'epidermide non può avvenire normalmente.Sulla teoria del rinnovo della pelle, la condizione fisica della pelle sarà rimodellata dall'effetto biologico della molecola di ossigeno puro e della molecola di cloruro di sodio.Utilizzando questa macchina, è possibile controllare la profondità di trattamento della pelle secondo le vostre esigenze.Il sistema mix a 99% di molecola di ossigeno puro e di cloruro di sodio in una nuova molecola di acqua -ossigeno e poi getto la miscela nel dermis o epidermide con la velocità di 200m al secondo. Tiene l'intero processo indolore ai pazienti e completamente sterile.


Lo standard di progettazione di questa macchina

The design and the current is fully comply with European electrical safety standards, absolutely safe to human body, the built in anti-electromagnetic interference devices, can effectively protect against electrical and magnetic interference, maintain the current stability,to ensure that procedures effective and stable.

The new Features compared with other oxygen machines:

Video detection system (proprietary technology)
Video monitoring system
5M multi polar RF thermal slimming system
1MHz supersonic for facial
Heart rate test technology
Color touch screen with multimedia, display and control the procedure
USB data transmit

Function Introduction :

1. Oxygen Spray Treatment
Oxygen spray is an anti-aging treatment which uses a stainless spray gun , on which there is a bottle to fill essential fluid.  Under powerful pressure, the spray gun spurts oxygen with 98% purity which can be effectively penetrated into deep skin and absorbed.

2. Oxygen Infusion
Oxygen infusion treatment adopts a special infusion gun to press the hyperbaric pure oxygen with the essential products into deep skin under high pressure.

3. Ozone (03) Treatment
This O3 is a clean, fresh gas, which is known to have a strong sterilizing effect on germs.
Oxygen MAX System adopts electrical tech which could turn Oxygen (O2) to Ozone (03).
So patients not only can get the hyperbaric oxygen treatment, but also Ozone treatment.

4. Microcurrent Treatment
The micro-current simulation can reach into the cell, active cell, improve the cell's metabolism and circulation, and then enhance the rehabilitation capacity of the cell tissue. At the same time, do shrink and release sport to every muscle. It can renew muscle's length and spring. It can improve the aged skin fundamentally.

5. LED
LED light therapy can promote lymphatic circulation and body metabolism, improve body  microenvironment, and help excrete toxin, fatty acid and glycerin out of body.

6.RF Facial Treatment
Adpots 5MHz high frequency RF which can promote the collagen reproduction to remove wrinkles and enhance skin elasticity.

7. Magic Hand Treatment
Magic hand can make skin care products absorption increased to 20-30%.    

8.Ultrasonic Facial Treatment
Massages the face with ultrasound technology, which get wrinkles away and improve your skin texture.  Skin rejuvenation

9. Musicotherapy
Modern neurophysiologists show that music have a direct impact on neural structures ,     especially on the brain cortex.
Different music with different melody, tone, speed can make people relaxed and happy,     excited, sedative and some other different active roles through human sensory organs.
Oxygen facial machine Features

1. No extra oxygen tanks, generate high purity oxygen automatically.
2. Patent technology design of hyperbaric oxygen light mask. Music therapy and oxygen phototherapy come at the same time.
3. Using O3 disinfection technology for oxygen mask disinfection
4. The advanced electronic oxygen generation technology
5. The magic hand technology
6. Unique technical design for oxygen injection, help the product penetrate into skin.
7. 5M multi-polar RF technology
8. 9 in 1, multi-functions hyperbaric oxygen

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