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Can Freezing Fat Dissolve Weight Loss

Sep. 04, 2020


With the development of various medical cosmetology technologies, many people no longer focus on dieting and exercise to lose weight. Instead, they use some surgical techniques to achieve the goal of weight loss. Cryogenic lipolysis is one of them. Then cryolipolysis can really successfully lose weight. ?

What is cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis, also known as cryolipolysis, was developed by researchers from Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital in the United States. It was actually approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for non-surgical shaping as early as 2010. , And CE (European Safety Certification Mark) certification, has been widely used in clinical applications in the United States, Britain, Canada and other countries.

The freezing point of water is 0°C, and the freezing point of fat is 4°C. This is the theory of cryolipolysis published in the American Society of ASLMS (American Society of Laser Medicine and Surgery) in 2008.

The low-temperature fat dissolving machine can freeze fat into jelly, destroy and expel fat cells. The working principle of the cryolipolysis system is very simple. The cryolipolysis system uses the constant vacuum produced by the suction cup to suck a piece of fat, and each piece of fat is cyclically frozen. The cryolipolysis process will gradually absorb the heat of the subcutaneous fat and the fat cells The temperature is reduced to zero degrees Fahrenheit, which is to freeze them. The low temperature kills fat cells without affecting the skin or muscles. The dead fat cells are then excreted through the liver without external force. One treatment can reduce fat by 22%.

Frozen fat weight loss function can remove fat, promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, to eliminate waste in the body. In addition, since dead fat cells are also eliminated from the body, the amount of body fat is reduced, which can effectively prevent rebound.

Is Frozen Fat Loss Reliable?

The cryolipolysis machine generates low temperature through the cryolipolysis machine, which can kill the fat cells in the treatment site, and the necrotic fat cells will be excreted in the urine after two or three months. According to related introductions, this method of freezing weight loss is effective for fat hypertrophy and small areas (such as waist, abdomen, back swimming ring-like conditions), but not good for large areas of fat accumulation in thighs, buttocks, etc.

low temperature kills fat

Precautions for freezing fat


Control the temperature of the freezing fat-dissolving instrument

The tolerance of fat cells to low temperature is lower than that of skin. 5 degrees Celsius is enough to cause fat cells to die, but it will not cause much damage to the skin. But if the temperature is lower than 4°C, skin damage will occur. Therefore, the temperature of the freezing fat-dissolving instrument placed on the body must be controlled well and not too low.


Remember not to rub immediately after the operation

Temporary redness, congestion, soreness, and numbness of the cryolipolysis treatment area will appear after the operation, which will disappear naturally in 1-3 weeks. If you rub it with your hands at this time, the skin will become more elastic after freezing. Injury and congestion.


It is best for women to avoid special menstrual periods for freezing fat

Female menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, etc. should not accept cryo-fat to lose weight, especially cryo-fat in the abdomen, which can easily aggravate uterine cold, affect menstrual blood circulation, cause dysmenorrhea or affect the health of the fetus.

low temperature kills fat


Patients with liver insufficiency should not take freeze lipolysis

Other possible risks of the cryo-weight loss method are uncertain, but some plastic surgeons pointed out that the natural metabolism of a large number of necrotic fat cells by the human body is a serious burden on the liver. People with liver problems are best not to try this method.


Avoid rebound after freezing lipolysis, remember to eat a reasonable diet after surgery

After receiving the cryo-fat method, you must exercise regularly and pay attention to your diet, because cryo-fat only reduces the body fat, but does not fundamentally increase the basal metabolic calories. Therefore, if you do not control your diet and strengthen your exercise, there will still be a rebound. of.

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