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La rimozione dei capelli laser ha effetti collaterali?

Nov. 12, 2019


Before the popularization of laser hair removal, there have been "electrolysis hair removal" and "thermal dissolution hair removal", which can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal. However, due to the backward treatment, it has been eliminated. Therefore, the laser hair removal machine method is mainly used in clinical practice.

Is laser hair removal safe? As long as it is to a regular medical institution for treatment, it is very safe. In the process of laser hair removal, the hair follicle melanin absorbs most of the heat, so the energy diffused to the surrounding skin is relatively low, the skin surface will not be significantly different after surgery, no need to stop work or take time off. Of course, laser hair removal still has some minor side effects:

1. During the laser hair removal process, the skin may have a slight tingling sensation. There may be a slight burning sensation after operation. The local skin may have mild erythema or hair follicle papules, which usually resolve within a few hours. After a small part of the person's laser hair removal, the local skin appears brown and thin suede, which naturally falls off in about 1 week.

Laser Machine

Laser Machine

2. Very few patients may have purpura, blisters, temporary pigmentation or hypopigmentation, most of which can be recovered within a few months.

3. It should be noted that because pain may stimulate contractions, although the pain is not strong, it is not recommended to perform laser hair removal during pregnancy.

4. Laser hair removal produces scars, but patients with a history of keloids should still be cautious.

These side effects of the medical laser hair removal machines are mostly mild, and the corresponding nursing measures can be quickly restored after surgery, without worrying too much.

How many times does laser hair removal need to be done? Will it rebound? In order to achieve a good hair removal effect, it is generally required to perform 4-6 laser treatments. Single laser treatment is only more effective for hair in the growing season, while hair follicles in the stationary and degenerative period have less melanin content, and only after the hair enters the growth phase (this often takes 2-4 months) Treatment can make a difference. Therefore, laser treatment requires multiple treatments to achieve the desired effect. Each treatment interval needs to be determined in combination with the specific situation of each person after treatment, generally 1-2 months is appropriate.

Clinically, some people will still develop new hair after 6 painless hair removal machine treatments. At this time, it is necessary to decide whether or not to continue treatment based on the newly grown hair condition. If the newborn hair is as thick as before and the color is darker, then it is necessary to continue treatment. After all, each person's own physical condition is different, and some people's hair is relatively "stubborn". If these newborn hairs are like fluff, the color is very shallow, and it is not easy to find without careful observation. There is no need to continue treatment because such hair has less melanin content and has a poor response to laser. It is of little significance to continue treatment, and there is no need to worry about it later. There will be problems with increased rebound and thickening of the hair.

Does laser hair removal affect perspiration? To be sure, it does not affect! Human body perspiration is mainly caused by small sweat glands, while laser hair removal is to remove hair follicles. Hair follicles and sweat glands are two separate tissues. Hair grows from the hair follicles, while sweat glands are next to the hair follicles. The two are not the same thing. Therefore, laser hair removal does not damage the sweat glands and affect perspiration.

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