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Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy Operation Specification

Jul. 22, 2020


One. Applicable symptoms:  

1. Bone tissue diseases mainly include delayed union of fractures, disconnected fractures and avascular necrosis of the humeral head.  

2. Chronic soft tissue injury diseases; mainly include chronic injury diseases of the shoulder subacromial bursitis, long head of biceps brachii, calcified suprasuma tendinitis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and other straining injury diseases 

3. Chronic elbow injury diseases: mainly internal epicondylitis of the humeral head and external epicondylitis of the humeral head.  

4. Chronic injury diseases of hip and knee, such as snapping hip, jumping knee (tibial condyle osteochondritis).  

5. Heel diseases such as heel pain and plantar fasciitis.

Portable Shockwave Therapy

Portable Shockwave Therapy

Two. Contraindications:  

1. Patients with severe heart disease, arrhythmia and high blood pressure, old and weak, and poor health.  

2. Patients with a pacemaker installed to avoid abnormal operation of the pacemaker.  

3. Patients with coagulopathy in bleeding disorders.  

4. The use of anti-immune agents and immunosuppression may affect the repair process of tissue damage induced by shock wave therapy.  

5. For all kinds of tumor patients, avoid causing tumor growth and spread. 

6. Pregnant women 

7. Patients with infection and skin ulceration.  

8. The focus of the shock wave is on the lung tissue.  

9. Large-segment defect bone nonunion; bone defect larger than 3CM should be treated with surgical bone grafting.

Three. Treatment:  

The treatment method for frozen shoulder and tennis elbow is to let the shock wave energy enter the tenderness point. If there are multiple tenderness points, enter from multiple tenderness points, and use 6-15 energy level voltage to discharge the number of each tender point. About a hundred times, generally, each patient or each lesion can be impacted hundreds to one thousand times.

Four, Portable Shockwave Therapy operating procedures 

1. Check and confirm the patient's name, treatment site, and confirm whether there are treatment contraindications.  

2. Before using the instrument, check whether the connection of each part is intact, check the air bubbles in the water bag and exhaust, and fasten the exhaust pipe.  

3. Disinfect the surface of the water bag, press the power switch to turn on the device; press the start button to start the device 

4. Press the voltage increase button to increase the discharge voltage to an appropriate value; press the manual trigger button to trigger the shock wave several times to confirm that the equipment is in normal working condition.

5. Before triggering the shock wave, apply a layer of coupling agent to the contact between the skin of the patient's treated part and the water bladder. Then adjust the movable arm so that the focus area of the shock wave is aligned with the tenderness point of the patient. 

6. Touch the button to trigger the shock wave to start treatment. The shock wave trigger frequency of the equipment, set the shock wave intensity, start with a lower frequency intensity, and gradually increase the frequency intensity after the patient adapts. 

7. Press the stop button to terminate the shock wave trigger, and press the voltage reduction button repeatedly to reduce the voltage value to 0KV.

8. Press the manual button 2 to 3 times to release the remaining voltage, and press the stop button to make the device exit the starting state. 

9. Press the drain button to make the water in the water bag drain out of the water tank to reduce the water temperature in the water bag, and press the power button to the high position to cut off the power. 

10. Pull the movable arm by hand to separate it from the patient's body. Clean the skin of the patient's treatment area, clean the water bag of the equipment, and lock the movement of the movable arm. 

11. Cut off the power to the equipment and clean and disinfect the equipment as required.

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