• 6 professionale in 1 Aqua peeling Hydrogen O2 Face Machine

  • 6 professionale in 1 Aqua peeling Hydrogen O2 Face Machine

  • 6 professionale in 1 Aqua peeling Hydrogen O2 Face Machine

  • 6 professionale in 1 Aqua peeling Hydrogen O2 Face Machine

  • 6 professionale in 1 Aqua peeling Hydrogen O2 Face Machine

6 professionale in 1 Aqua peeling Hydrogen O2 Face Machine

Descrizione del prodotto

Descrizione del prodotto

Professional 6 in 1 Aqua peeling Hydrogen Oxygen (H2O2) Facial Machine  

Working Theory                                                                                                    

The water & oxygen jet facial machine uses oxygen under extreme pressure and water, takes tiny water drops, through spray-type to act on skin. It can penetrate nutrient components to pores and cracks of skin from the epidermis to dermis layer, then promote rebirth of cells, rapidly and directly supply rich nutrient for skin. Simultaneously, it can clear deep dirt in epidermis. Oxygen of extreme pressure and nutrient liquid can stimulate the rebirth of fiber tissue in dermis, make cells metabolism. So as to improve skin dark, yellow, chloasma, get good effect of wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenation and etc.

By using h2 o2 generator make the purified water into hydrogen and oxygen ions water,the surface of the skin can produce H2 molecules,
so that the water molecule cells can quickly penetrate the dermis. So as to achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation and whitening, give you a fresh face !

It can treat :Blackhead Acne, Stain, Pouch Removal, Dried-up, Wrinkle, Forehead, Moisturizing, Rough, Dull, Loose, Skin whitening.


1. Hydra dermabrasion
Hydra dermabrasion completely changed the traditional way, which is hand cleaning skin relying on individual's practice skill . Hydro microdermabrasion uses vacuum suction mode controlled by intelligent process, through the combination of products and equipment to improve skin texture. The main advantage of the hydra-dermabrasion machines lies in than it is much gentle by using only water, and enables treatment diversification by using with skin care products for different functions like essential oil, whitening products, lactic acid, salicylic acid and more, to achieve various aims on customers" request

2.Skin scrubber

Vibrazione, rimuovere la pelle morta, la pelle bianca, rimuovere la testa nera e la pelle morta corneo.

3. Hydrogen Oxygen (H2O2) Spray Gun
Oxygen spray is a delivery application for liquid based skin care products that have been developed to intensively hydrate and replenish skin moisture levels . An air-powered spray gun is used to provide an even application of active ingredients as a fine mist across the treatment areas, which offers the perfect microdermabrasion finishing treatment as it gently refreshes and calms irritated, sensitive and sun damaged skin.

4. Cool hammer
Ice repair handle can froze skin, shrink pores, the ice energy can penetrate from epidermis to deep skin, instantly promote strong contraction of skin pores, thus a layer of natural freezing mask is formed in the skin surface to lock nutrition facts.

5. RF (BIO) handle
The deep heating of RF effects the electronics of tissue with the biological response of polarization electronic mobility by way of human tissues, resulting the electronics are formed as the molecules twist and crush against each other so that bio energy is produced, thereby bringing skin to warm in deep to stimulate the collagen produce contraction immediately, to stimulate the secretion of new collagen to fill the gap of losing collagen atrophy, and rearrange to rebuild skin soft frame, and ultimately firm up skin, remove wrinkle, restores the skin`s elasticity and luster.

6. Ultrasonic handle
The Ultrasound import products deep Into subcutaneous tissues. promote microcirculation and skin renewal. Products can be penetrate deep into the skin, speed up absorption.

The Advantages of Machine:

1. Exfoliating and supplying water at the same time: The precise microbubble system exfoliates the keratin and hair follicle pores, effectively and accurately removes accumulated and aged keratinocytes, thoroughly cleans the hair follicle infundibulum (follicular pores), and healthy keratin without any effection and brings in a lot of water while cleaning, providing continuous skin moisturizing benefits.

2. More safety, almost no skin damage: The accumulation of aging keratinocytes produces would be peeling off, almost no harm to normal skin, more accurately target onto the treatment area, more soften way & prominent cleaning effect.

3.Nutrition supply: The unique function heads can apply various solutions to solve problem such as freckle, blush, acne, wrinkle, etc., according to the skin condition of the customer. The absorption of the skin is significantly improved.

4. Unique Bubble tips: equipped with different type of tips for the nose, scalp, face and other parts, By designed spiral suction head with two suction inlets and a liquid solution outlet ,which can make the small air bubbles to keep closer on the skin for a long during treatment, so that the skin accumulation can be removed accurately and efficiently.

Application :

Facial & pore deep cleansing  ,  
Exfoliator, acne and blackhead removal,
Dilute pigmentation
Increase circulation of blood and lymphatic system
Promote deeply absorption of nutritional ingredients
Skin rejuvenation,
Skin tighten / whitening & face lifting ,
Moisturing & Oxygen injection,
Calming and soothing skin

Specification :

Voltage220v or 110v/50Hz-60Hz
TechNegative pressure + water flow
VacuumAdjustable    90Kpa
Operation Screen7.0 inch Color Touch LCD
HandleHydra dermabrasion (1),Ultrasonic head (1),Hydrogen Oxygen Spray gun  (1),Cold hammer  (1) RF(BIO) head  (1)  Skin scrubber (1)
Cold Hammer temperature0-5°C
Noise level45Db
FeatureSkin revializer, Skin rejuvenation , Pigmentation correctors,                     Deep cleaning.
Package46*43*30cm (Standard Export Carton Box with PE Foam Protection)

Delivery and Shipping:

Production Lead time :5-7 days after payment received
Payment term: T/T/ Western Union or Paypal ( full payment before shipment)
Shipment way : DHL / FEDEX /TNT / EMS / Customer's nominated shipping forwarder


1.One year warranty, lifetime maintenance as well as 3 months free spare parts replacement.Once you get the
machine,we would provide you with the user manual, maintenance manual, tutorial viode for your easy reference and operation .
2.Training: (Video+Manual+Online Service) Can Make You Operate It Easily.
3.Professional guide: 24 Hours online customer service, Our Professional Engineer teams who can speak Chinese ,English would be of your great help to solve any problems you meets during using .
4.OEM&ODM service for distributor (Logo/Color/System Fuctions can be customized)

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